Founded by Family

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Our Origin Story

Product Pair was founded in 2021 by Greg and Rey Blackman, a husband and wife team based in Orange County, California. Both Greg and Rey had individually founded startups before they decided to continue their entrepreneurship journey together at Product Pair. They hire their most trusted and talented friends, and work on projects that challenge and inspire them.

Our Approach


Whether you need a fractional executive, temporary staff augmentation, project-based teams, or the ongoing counsel of an expert, we excel in providing external resources.


Our teams can flex in availability from part-time to full-time, while accommodating your time zone and schedule.


Our agile structure allows us to respond to client needs ad-hoc, as they occur. This means no retainers and no long-term contracts.

Thorough Scoping

To ensure we’re aligned with your priorities, goals and expectations, we thoroughly scope each engagement upfront.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing, timeline, and associated deliverables, are all clearly documented, so there are no hidden costs or surprise delays.

Lean Teams

We assemble lean teams, customized in skill and expertise to your specific project. Our organization is flat, with no hierarchy or bloat.

Agile Methodology

We operate in the agile, iterative manner, popularized by startups. Speed and innovation are two of our our core values.


We believe in forming and developing longstanding relationships with both our clients and teammates. As a result, we only work with people we like!

Growth Mindset

We are always learning and growing with the latest technologies and trends. We attribute our bias for the modern and cutting-edge to a growth mindset.

We’re Hiring

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